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Our Monument Guide

Losing a loved one is difficult. With personalized services from Generations Memorials, you can rest assured that your family member or friend will have the perfect monument to commemorate their memory.

Flat Markers (Flush or Grass Markers)

Lower to the ground than tablets, these memorial markers come in a variety of styles, all of which lay flat or on a small incline at the head of a grave. Ledger markers are thick stone slabs covering an entire gravesite. On the other hand, plaques and block markers are smaller.

Slanted Markers

Slanted markers are often used in conjunction with larger stones in a family plot. They're inscribed with only the names and dates to act as the identifier of individual family members within a single plot. Read more

Upright Monuments

Our monument dealer offers a variety of upright monuments and types of statuary. A small pyramid tops an obelisk, a tapered vertical column. It's generally mounted on an inscribed, four-sided pedestal. Read more

Family Monuments

Honor your family for generations to come with a large family monument. These memorials can consist of one large stone or individual stones.


Give your loved one's memorial another dimension with a memorial bench. These unique markers give you the perfect place to sit, reflect, and pray.

Custom Shapes & Carvings

You can even count on Generations Memorials to create a custom shaped memorial to commemorate your loved one. From hearts, trees, animals, or another design, we'll happily create a specially shaped memorial with custom carved stones, furthering the beauty of the monume
Contact our knowledgeable monument dealer in Rochester, New York, to make the selection process less confusing.